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As well suggesting to you which programs are good and useful to download, I guess it’s also a time-saving service for us to review programs which, for many reasons, are not worth your attention.

Despite claiming to have received more than a million download, Traductor LIVE fits into the above category. Glossing over the unusable interface and the lack of self-explicable icons, the application simply doesn’t do what it says.

Or to be more specific, it does translate what you write in it, but so badly, you might as well invent the text in other languages on your own, even without knowing anything about them.

In case you would like to try it, what conventionally is understood to be the page-refresh icon, in this case allows you to change language.

You click on this to see the flags on the top changing, until you get the combination you want. The missile icon, should give the go ahead to translate the text, unless you want to have some more fun and tick the automatic translation function, which translates what you write in real-time.

We all need good translator programs, but look elsewhere as this one is not one of those. Babylon or Lingoes are surely better alternatives.

Real time text translator for English, French, Italian and Spanish

Traductor LIVE


Traductor LIVE

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